Paint-alongs are two hour acrylic painting events led by Katie Fenerty, professional artist and art educator. These events are designed to encourage non-artists, beginners and creatives alike to relax, have fun, socialize, and engage in something out of the ordinary. Ideally, you’ll leave the event with a finished painting, new painting skills, and some great memories!

thank you for your interest in attending a paint along!

upcoming events...



"Snowy Village"

"Festive Evergreen"

"Solstice Morning"

7 PM @ Respect is Burning

Tuesday, December 12th

7 PM @ Respect is Burning

Thursday, December 21st

7 PM @ The Daventry

Tuesday, December 5th

coming soon...

"Campfire Glow"

artwork from past events...

"Spring Birches"

"Spring Wildflowers"

"Supernova Galaxy"

"Fall Birch Walk"

"Spooky House"

"Fall Mushrooms"

"Foggy Forest"

"Harvest Moon"

frequently asked questions

How does it work?

During the event, I will guide you towards a finished painting step-by-step. You can follow the steps exactly to replicate the advertised painting, or I’ll offer some tips on how to make the painting uniquely your own.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets are $45 per person.

What’s included with my ticket?

Use of the supplies required to complete your painting are included with your ticket, as well as painting instruction from an experienced artist. You'll take home your completed painting on a cradled wood canvas, and often there will be small prizes / souvenirs to take home as well!

What time should I arrive to the event?

We start painting promptly at the event start time, so please arrive a few minutes early to get settled in. Give yourself time to find parking, your seat, grab a drink, etc. Many folks opt to enjoy dinner at the host establishment prior to our painting session.

What should I wear?

You will be provided with a water resistant painting apron. That being said, I cannot be held responsible for any rogue paint splatters that end up on your personal items. Acrylic paint will stain if left to dry on fabric and absorbing materials, so please dress accordingly.

Is food / drink provided?

Food and drink is not included with your ticket. However, you are encouraged to enjoy delicious local fare from the host establishment where the event will take place. While there should be room for snack plates and drinks at your table, I recommend arriving extra early if you plan to eat a full meal.

What if I have to cancel?

  • Life is busy, things come up. If you are unable to attend an event you've purchased a ticket for, you have a couple of options:

    • Cancel 3 days or more before the event date to receive a full refund.

    • If you need to cancel within 3 days of the event, please send an email to and your tickets will be honoured for a future paint along event.

What if my event is cancelled?

There might be an occasion where inclement weather, artist illness, venue issues or low ticket sales mean an event must be cancelled. If your event is cancelled, ideally you will be notified a few days before or at the very least on the day of the event via the email you provided at checkout. You’ll have the option to receive a refund for your ticket, or you can use your ticket towards a future paint-along.

What about environmental sustainability?

Let’s face it – acrylic paint parties create waste. Fully aware of this fact, I’ve done my best to create a paint-along model that limits the waste it creates. Here are some ways I’m committed to reducing my environmental impact while still hosting great events:

  • Investing in durable, high-quality and reusable equipment such as aluminum painting easels, stainless steel water cups, and more. When selecting long-term products to use in my paint-along business recycling and composting factors have been considered.

  • For items which cannot be reused: I’ve opted for 100% recycled paper towels and sugar cane fiber painting palettes.

  • You will see paint stains on the tablecloths! This is a reflection of my commitment to reducing the amount of waste these paint-alongs produce.

  • I have developed a “Canvas Back” program.

What is the “Canvas Back” program?

Once in a while you come to an event and have a great time, but you leave with a painting you don’t love or that you seasonally want to switch out for a new one. If you find yourself in one of these situations, I encourage you to leave your canvas with me instead of throwing it away. I’ll paint over the wood panel to use in other projects, you’ll get a special coupon code for $5 off your next paint-along, and together we save waste!

Do you host private paint parties?

Yes! I can host private paint parties of up to 30 people at this time. If you are interested in more information about private paint parties please send an email to

What if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to send an email with your event date to or to call 705.929.6744